sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2007

Ernemann Heagh II Ser II Luxus Serial Num 252813

Erneman Heag II Ser II  Luxus Special model

This is a beautiful rare special camera, made by Ernemann around 1913. This beauty is equipped with the Ernemann Bob Model I shutter, and a Detectiv Aplanat 1=6,8 Nº 1 Ernemann lens. This is the first photo on Internet, and in the Ernemann books, there no mention about this rare example. Probably is a special order for a luxury Heag II camera, the shutter is the Bob model I, but it has a black enameled front standard and rectangular finger grips like the second Heag II camera. ( See fotocopy down )
Size: 15 cm x 4 cm x 11 cm

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