sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2007

Contessa Nettel Tropen Adoro,Deckrullo and Deckrullo Tropical

Contessa Nettel Tropen Adoro, 6,5 x 9 cm, very rare and unusual folding plate camera, with body of Teakwood, and brown Russian leather bellows, a early beauty manufactured in 1921. Tessar lens 1:4,5 f=12 cm Nº 566228, Compur 733656, D.R.P Nº 258646 D.R.G.M

Contessa Nettel Deckrullo from the early 1919, this large model has a Tessar lens 1:4,5 f= 15 cm Nº 381227. In this photo can see the diference of size with a Contessa Nettel Piccolette.

This is a beautifull example of a Contessa Nettel Deckrullo Tropical from the early 1920. This model
is a strut folding plate camera with a focal plane shutter.It was made of Teakwood, with a brown Russian leather resistant bellows. This camera has a rare Hugo Meyer rangefinder.The camera has the Nº S 10701 and has a Tessar lens 1:4,5 f= 12 cm Nº 546778.

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