domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2007

Contessa Nettel History

The Contessa-Nettel AG Stuttgart was a German company that resulted from a merger of Contessa Camerawerke Drexler & Nagel and Nettel Camerawerk in the year 1919. After a time of cooperation with ICA it became part of Zeiss Ikon in 1926.

Dr. August Nagel ( above) the most important single figure in German camera development, having started out in 1908 in partnership with a Herr Drexler in 1908 to produce cameras under the name of Drexler & Nagel. In 1909 the company changed its name to Contessa KW and in 1919 amalgamated with Nettel KW to form Contessa-Nettel. In 1926 Contessa-Nettel went into partnership with other famed names such as Erneman, Goertz, ICA and Zeiss to form the Zeiss Ikon AG.

One of the company's specialties was its wide range of stereo camera models. Another specialty were cameras with focal plane shutter. Maybe the company's internal name of these shutters was "Deck-Rouleau", a combination of the German words decken=to cover and Rouleau=roller blind (original form of Rollo, derived from French: rouleau=roll). However, some of the cameras with these shutters were marketed under the type name "Deckrullo".

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